Showgirls has been operating in Auckland CBD since 1997. During that time the industry and customer expectations have increased dramatically. We were given the opportunity to work with the owner of Showgirls to create a Bar that would create a point of difference and surpass people’s expectations.
The only direction we were given was to give the Bar the WOW factor. We were given a huge amount of freedom in this project and we are really pleased with the results.
Due to the design and construction methods specified in the Bar design, we were able to remove the existing bar and complete our install within a 24-hour window. There were also challenges around material selection as most of our finishes needed to be imported specifically for this project. Some of them coming from as far as Italy and the US.
Operational design is also one of the key factors within our design process. To increase the quality of the glassware and turnaround time, we specified a reverse osmosis machine. This unit removes minerals from the water used in the glass washer. Resulting in a streakless glass, removing the need for polishing. 
We also included a fan assisted drying rack in our design which both cools and dries the glasses allowing for a faster turnaround and better quality finish.
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