Alessandro's - Havelock North

Alex from Alessendro’s approached the Project Design International & Southern Hospitality team to discuss his new project – a bold new hospitality development in Havelock North. Alex had a concept in a previous site that worked well, authentic Italian wood-fire pizzas. He had been trading for the previous 5 years, his concept and food offering worked but he had just outgrown his site.

Alex had done the hard work, refined his concept and was now ready to move on and into a bigger and better site. Although Alex had a strong understanding of how he wanted his kitchen to be laid out – he really struggled to visualize the rest of the bar and restaurant.
Through the power of Revit, we could discuss all aspects of the design and navigate through the space to show the client to identify and address any concerns. We could look at the space from all angles, make notes for change but most importantly we sped up the design process by reducing all the emails and phone calls going backwards and forwards.
Client, SHL and PDI now had a clear understanding of the design, and the client now had a visual expectation on his project which he was previously lacking. The client feedback was that he was now more confident moving forward with the project and PDI continued with documentation and eventually the site was built, installed and opened exactly as it had been developed and presented.

Click HERE to veiw this project in Enscape.

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